March - 19 - Tuesday

They themselves declare ... how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God.
1. Thessalonians 1:9

From the occult to the truth (2)

To see the light it is sometimes necessary for someone to fail into a deep hole. If he then looks up to God, it will become clear to him that God wishes to rescue him from his wrong pathway and reveal His grace to him.

After I had thought about my own life and about Jesus Christ for three months, I was converted. I confessed my sins to the Lord, that great burden that I could no longer bear. It was threatening to crush me, until I laid it at the Lord’s feet, and He forgave me. My view of the world, mankind and my own life has changed completely. The Lord Jesus opened my eyes. He is now my Shepherd, and I shall lack nothing, as Psalm 23 states.

Meanwhile my faith has repeatedly been put to the test. I was still frequently confronted with the occult. But then I was able to witness my Christian faith and point out the danger of the occult and the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a glorious, liberating experience it is, when someone is freed from the influence of sinister powers by God’s omnipotence and the saving power of the Lord Jesus! I was hopelessly lost and enslaved in those activities. Now I have been freed from the power of darkness through the grace of Jesus Christ. He is my Saviour and my Lord.