October - 13 - Friday

The younger son … journeyed to a far country and there wasted his possessions with prodigal living.
Luke 15:13

When some Christians entered the pub, distributed flyers and sang a hymn, the reaction of Horace and his two friends was negative. They screwed up the flyers and threw them away.

Later Horace had an idea: “Listen, boys, I’ve just had a great idea! Let’s pretend to be religious! I’ll preach a super sermon about the prodigal son. And you must sing.” The three friends decided to carry the plan out in a pub where they were unknown.

The next day Horace borrowed a Bible from his landlord, who was glad that he suddenly showed an interest and told Horace to keep it. It took Horace a long time to find the parable of the prodigal son. Some of it he remembered, other parts were completely new to him. Some details set him thinking. Might somebody be converted through his preaching?

The next evening the friends carried out their plan. The atmosphere was typical: cigarette smoke, the smell of alcohol, laughter and rowdiness. In the doorway they struck up a hymn: “Sinners Jesus will receive.” Silence fell. Then beer mats were thrown at their heads. Two men approached them with clenched fists. Then a muscular fellow stood up and repulsed the hotheads. “Let them sing. It’s better than your growling!” No-one contradicted him. That brute of a man with his boxer’s hands and grim look apparently demanded respect.

Then Horace “preached”. The strong fellow watched him all the time. The others went on with their card game. After the “sermon” the friends left the place.

                                                                                                                    (to be concluded tomorrow)