January - 8 - Tuesday

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God.
Psalm 14:1

That God exists cannot be proved by any scientific method. However, the opposite theory cannot be proved either. Almighty God does not permit Himself to be made the object of scientific research. He has chosen another way to reveal Himself.

What kind of person is the one who is designated a “fool” in today's verse from the Bible?

He is someone who fails to take advantage of earthly means to perceive God and who then hastily draws the conclusion that “there is no God”. It is this way of thinking that makes the person a fool.

We cannot prove the existence of the living God. Nor does the Bible attempt to do so. It takes His existence for granted and teaches us about Him, particularly how He has revealed Himself fully in His Son Jesus Christ.

Faith in God the Creator has been replaced by many with believing other teaching.

Consequently it has been overlooked all too often that such theories can never give the final answer to the question of the origin of things. This question is not the subject of the natural sciences.

One reason why people have got away from the thought of a Creator is obvious: if there is a God, then I am responsible to Him for the way I lead my life. I owe Him honour and obedience. And it is just that point that makes us all guilty. The thought makes everyone uncomfortable.

Let us remember: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to take upon Himself the punishment of guilty people. Mankind has turned his back on the living God, but the death of Jesus Christ has opened the way for us to return to the God of love.