February - 13 - Wednesday

Let your yes be yes, and your no, no, lest you fall into judgment.
Therefore submit to God.

James 5:12; 4, 7.

Yes or no

“Yes” and “no”, are two very short words, yet they contain extraordinary power.

A “no” is an effective weapon. We can compare it with a rock in the sea, resisting, even repulsing waves of intimidation or seduction, any form that temptation assumes. Any “no” expressed in faith, in obedience to God's Word, or in a prayer for strength from on high, is irresistible. Let us say “no” to whatever is not good. Abraham refused the subtle offer of the king of Sodom. Joseph withstood the guilty advances of his master’s wife (Genesis 14, 22.23;

39, -9).

However, it is important to say “yes” to what is good, to “whatever things are true, …noble, … just, … pure, … lovely” (Philippians 4, 8). When the Saviour invites us to follow Him, we must readily utter the “yes” of joyful obedience.

Yes or no. Life always has a negative and a positive side, resistance and defence on the one hand, and boldness and progress on the other. However, Satan’s tactics have always been to intermingle good and evil in order to lead us away from God. The world has become one in which a definite “yes” or “no” is avoided, a world of lies and compromise.

Dear Christian friends, may our utterance be dear, without any ambiguity, making the “yes” or the “no” heard where they honour God and testify to our wish to please Him.