April - 16 - Tuesday

Christ ... himself bore our sins in his own body on the tree.
1 Peter 2:21. 24

This verse from the Bible tells of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. There He bore God’s punishment of sins as the substitute for all who turn to Him and accept Him by faith as their Saviour.

Standing in for the guilt of others is a rare thing in this world. Therefore people no longer believe in it, even when it concerns a great Substitute who died for the guilty.

Some think themselves too progressive to believe in this old-fashioned idea of substitution in Scripture. Some even scoff at “all that talk of sacrifices and the shedding of blood” in the Bible.

Yet all who die without the forgiveness of their sins will one day be accused by their own conscience before the throne of God. When their sentence is pronounced by our holy God they will have to say, “Refusing salvation through Christ was sheer self-deception. I can only blame myself for my fate.”

Let us remember early enough: no-one has any self-appointed standing before God. How much will come to light there: things that nobody else knew, and that the perpetrator had long since put out of his mind.

In desperate situations one often looks for a scapegoat whom one can blame for everything.

Before our eternal God, however, only One can stand in for our wrongdoings and guilt: Jesus

Christ, the Lamb of God. Therefore it is necessary to accept Him in our lifetime as our

Saviour and Lord!